Looking back

I know that I have been quiet.  As the title of my last post was “long year” or something like that.  It truly has been a long year.  Elizabeth is doing well.  She loves school and her teachers and friends.  Charlie loves school as well.  He enjoys playing with friends and learning new things.  He participated in an early intervention preschool for his speech delay and now he won’t STOP talking!  He really is a mini-me.  If you don’t believe me, ask my Mom!  He is my pay back!  haha  This coming school year, he will be attending a new to him school at our new parish, St Joseph of Cupertino in Cupertino.  I think it is a perfect match.  He is toilet trained now and is doing great!  I hesitate to write about Elizabeth since she has been participating in the IGF1 trial in Boston since last July.  We are back in Massachusetts for the 2nd half of the trial following the washout period.  As much as it feels good to be working for a change, it is also hard.  It is hard work changing the world and making sure my girl is safe while doing it. She is a trooper.  Overall, she is extremely healthy. Extremely brave and extremely good natured.  She still has a great appetite.  And is so sweet and loving.  She is on a forward moving path with communication, it is all a matter of time before she tells us off!  The one thing we learned during these past 2 weeks of autonomic testing is that the original Snow White and the Seven Dwarves is SOOOOO boring.  We both fell asleep! Frozen on the other hand made her squeal and rock!  Till the next time I have a free moment.  Love and hugs to all!

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