Sweet Brothers

Charlie will be 3 in October. He is wise beyond his years. He takes care of his big sister. He gets her cheese when he gets himself a piece. He takes her hand and helps her step over the threshold of the door. When she goes to put her hands in her mouth, he gently blocks them and says no hands or no mouth. She falls down, he runs over to her and asks if she is OK. He hugs and kisses her. She cries, he runs to her and says “No cry Z” and will help her get what she wants or then try to communicate to us what she is trying to communicate to us and is unable. He climbs into bed with her and pats her head and says “I love you Z, good night” and gives her hugs and kisses. He does not see a disability. He sees unconditional love and he responds by giving the same to her. If adults could do the same thing, this world would be a happier, more loving and peaceful place. See the person, not the disability.

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    1. Laura says:


      Charlie is following the example that you and Chris have shown – so kudos to you both! You amaze me with the way you have handled all the trails and changes of the last 10 months! I wish I could have been closer, but hope my open ear has provided you support. God did something special by bring us together.

      Love to all of ya!

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