This is your brain on drugs…

So, you are wondering…what that heck is with that title? I was thinking about when I grew up. There was a commercial, an anti-drug commercial and it was an egg…This is your brain on drugs…and there was another one, I learned by watching you Dad! Those commercials did their piece, I remember!
So what is a legacy we leave for our kids, what do they remember. Yesterday, I was bathing my kids. I was showing Lizzie how to play with the boat and she was holding it there, Charlie took her other hand…hand over hand, she showed her how to hold the boat and zoom it around the tub. It was the most beautiful thing I have ever seen in my life. My 2 year old little boy taking the time and care to show his almost 5 year old sister how to play with something. I thought were did he learn how to do that…watching us, watching her therapists. Rett has changed all of us, but it has made us all better and more caring and more sensitive human beings. I am sure Charlie would be as sweet if he did not have a “special” sister, but he is all the more sweeter and caring because he has learned how to take the time and show her the joys of life. Some day, he will say “I learned it by watching you Mom!” and it will have a good connotation…love my kids

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    1. Christie says:

      Once again, you have shown us a glimpse of wonder and joy in the midst of tragedy. (And you made me cry.) You must be an amazing person, Carrie.

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